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12 Tips for the perfect Camp Site! 

Check our new post on Facebook, and watch our new detailed video on Youtube and Vimeo to get the best tips on how to spot the perfect camping site, and the precautions needed!  And for a hands-on experience, join our upcoming trip. Check our tidings here!

The Arabian lunar System! 

A new infographic is on Facebook, detailing the Arabian lunar system. In a glimpse, you will grasp a general idea about the Arabian mansions and their effect on the weather in the GCC. A great step towards planning your next trips with Turgeyah. Check our destinations and Tidings here! 



The Enigma of Arabian Eyes!

Kohl, is the secret. Men and Women are encouraged to wear it. It is far more than just a beauty product. Check out all of the uses and the benefits in our new post on Instagram. For more cultural insights, catch out cultural caravan for a tour around the social aspects of the Saudi culture. More here!

Saudis Play Hockey?

Sport is a big uniting factor between different cultures. It shows how humans very much think alike. A dig into traditional sports and games in the Arabian Peninsula might surprise you even more. Check our new post on Instagram, and join our trip this weekend for loads of original fun! More here!




Knitting Homes!

Who said women do not work in Arabia? Al-Sadu Art is one big proof of the value of a woman in the Arabian culture.  Men provided for the house, but it is women who knit it together. Check more about this art in our new post on Instagram and Facebook, and watch our detailed coverage on Youtube and Vimeo! -- Would you like to learn? Contact us!

The Authentic Najdi Slippers!

The older generations used to construct those from nature. Pretty, environmentally friendly, and recycled, and decorated with so much style! Check our video on Youtube for more about this lost handicraft. Turgeyah is starting a campaign to encourage authentic handicrafts, support us here!




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