Open Horizons, Warm Hearts!

The was the very first time we went to Zekreet in Qatar by ourselves. We were taking with us a friend from our home country, to show him the Sierra's sculptures.

As we started off roading we came to realize that we didn't have the exact location of the landmark that we were looking for. That is when a white 4x4, full of people found us and without hesitation they lead us all the way. Those complete strangers, before leaving, invited us to their gathering that was going to be held a few hours later.

Later on, we were again a bit lost looking for their location, we ended up on a rock formation of about 4 meters high without any chance to go down without having to drive many kilometers to go around. Dusk was already upon us, so things weren't getting easier.

For the second time on the same day a car came to our distress, driven by an arab gentleman that offered his help without hesitation.

This skilled person steadily took our car safely to the bottom allowing us to continue our trip. That night they shared with us a nice meal cooked right there on the desert, personal experiences, local culture and celebrated the gift of diversity.

Nowadays, those once perfect strangers became an important (irreplaceable) part of our life in the Gulf.

#Arab #Safari #exploring #environment #nature #Camping #GCC #survivalskills #desert #challenge #Qatar #Exploring #offroading #makingfriends #culture #acceptance #friends

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