A Full Moon Camp

I was ones a Qatar resident when I met the King of the Desert (Ali-Saudi) from a camping held in the middle of nowhere. Since then I admire Ali how the way he live a simple yet happy life, we both followed each other on Instagram and on Facebook and I was amazed watching how he live in the desert.

After 3 weeks when I relocated to Oman, Ali found out and immediately he arranged a camping specially for 5 persons only. Omani friends of him picked me up at the place where I am staying, and again those guys were arranged by Ali. Heading to destination, we met Ali halfway from the road and I am so glad, never thought that I would meet him again with his special arrangements.

At the camp site, food for dinner are prepared by Ali, food was so great because it was blend with special spices and herbs that some are rare to find from the market.

But wait….after dinner I thought we will all go to sleep, funny and horror stories are shared.

Great blend of coffee was made too to warm up our night as it was a freezing weather.

Who would have thought that outdoor camping can be considered as better than staying at the 5 star hotel, well in fact Ali had showed us 5 million stars that night. Tent serves as our room for the night and it was amazing experience.

Nothing feels better waking up for another day during sunrise, Ali and Omani friends positioned the tent in a way that sunrise can be seen when we get up.

Ooohhh its breakfast time!!!

Chef Ali made another surprise and I can’t imagine that I am at the desert eating a 5 star breakfast food!!! Wrapping up all the stories, Ali accommodates us with a good shelter for the entire night and day.

I am hoping to meet again this gentleman to the soonest.

Thank you King of the Desert for sharing us this good experience.

#exploring #nature #Camping #GCC #culture #Oman #teamwork

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