The Beat of Arabia

This is a story of craziness, fun and joy!

The story starts with Ali - The Man of the Desert, whom we met in Al-Riyadh CouchSurfing Group.

Those were the last days of December 2017. Ali took our CS group in Riyadh for a two days camp in Al-Dahna' desert, to explore the sinkholes, and the star dunes.

This trip was specially exciting! I am impressed with his well equipped vehicle, and how he specially re-designed its interior for to fit Safari adventures and extreme environments. He did not fail to impress me more with his driving skills, going up & down the dunes. It was adventurous, yet quite smooth!

It is an unforgettable experience that loaded me with unprecedented knowledge about the wild desert. We talked about many aspects of the wild life. We spotted different flora and he talked to us about the dangerous plants of desert and how the nomads differentiated between them.

We watched shepherds tend their sheep and fed the camel flocks. Cooking under moon light at midnight was definitely a nice experience with the aromas and the cold breeze warping the atmosphere. In the morning we watched the sunrise, then danced the coldness away! Just to usher another fast and furious adventure through the soft dunes. Masha'Allah it was beyond imagination!

​We were a big group, hard to control and look after. Yet Ali proved he has fantastic organizing capabilities. He is punctual & strict if needed. Yet, his kind heart, and decent behavior & Arab generosity never leave him for a second. It made everything even more amazing. People no need to worry about anything. Relax and just feel the experience. Thanks Ali for the best introduction to Al-Jazeera Al-Arabia!

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