Open Your Eyes

​​Me and Tammy Birch - an English teacher living in Riyadh - had a plan to go camping in the desert. He thought desert is deserted, right? what is there to see?!

Tammy does not have much experience about surviving in the desert. He thought there is absolutely nothing to see in a desert where everything seems austere and void. I tried to explain to him that being outdoor is a chance to use all our 5 senses, which you cannot do in the city..

Our way to the camping spot, was an easy drive. I explain few things about the nature of the desert.. I noticed that we have different abilities to see details in the desert.... I Was pointing to a far camels and he just can't see them. He was not able to see some foxes that came close to our camp at night.

The challenge provoked him. He started training his eyes and trying to check things in the dark, till the sun came out, the next day he did the same. For 48 hours he was out there just trying to watch what life he can find hiding between the dunes of that desert.

On our way back, he shouted : “ Ali can you see that?!” I kept looking in the horizon and i can see nothing! I drove closer to where he was pointing. Till we reached some camels lying under some tree .. “Well done my friend! You won!” I said.

#KSA #Riyadh #camping #culture #survivalskills #challenge

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