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I love road-trips from the UAE to Oman.

The contrast of the variable scenery, the stunning shades of sand, from yellow in Abu Dhabi, to red in Al Ain, then darker when you approach the rocky plains of Oman, it all amazes me!

The best route is to get onto E66 (Dubai/Al Ain Road), then join the Dubai Bypass Road (E611 - signed Sharjah.) I love watching the camels walking in the middle of the road near Madam in Sharjah.

The next major junction with E44 signs you off to Hatta/Oman. Hatta is a great opportunity for me-time without wandering far away from urbanism yet it defies all typecasts of contemporary cities.

The atmosphere is peaceful, nice drive artistically changes from plain terrain to magnificent dunes and rocky mountain slopes.Passing by a heritage village dotted with small Bedouin houses, besides a 16th century fort and several pools set high in the Hajjar Mountains.

Every bit of the road you will find new thing to spot, goats camels, old villages, the Aflaj Irrigation Systems dating from 500 AD. people might like seeking certain places or destinations. But to me, the road trip has so much more to offer than staying in one single spot.

#UAE #Oman #roadtrip #nature #sightseeing #Exploring

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