Natural Roller-Coaster

Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates offer abundant variety of attractions to casual tourists. But for me, my most memorable events were during Safari trips.

I am amazed at the beauty and how the Brothers can navigate like they are on the ocean, but with their senses as natural GPS. There is no way I could have found my way back, but they manage to know the routes and directions like they are on a modern navigating system.

They took us up and down on the sand dunes and I knew we were going to turn over. But we did not. It was better than any roller coaster ride I have been on.

We had dinner in the desert under a beautiful sky excellent, local food, (Camel Milk I loved), with a campfire.

A beautiful, beautiful day.

If you don't experience a Safari you can't say you have been to the "Middle East." Look beyond the stereotyping, look into the humans and the atmosphere they create.

#KSA #UAE #offroading #exploring #Safari

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