Friends Without Borders

Somebody once said "The most important things in life are the people you love, the places you've seen 'and the memories you've made along the way".

That is exactly what I found in my Arabic culture experience. I traveled to Oman this summer, where I made great friends whom I respect and love , I saw surreal Wadis, exhilarating mountains, beaches that should be on a travel magazine and memories I could never forget. Yet, the part of the trip that made a lasting impression on me was the people.

Good people are hard to find, except in Oman - you will find plenty of them! It is there that I met people whom I DID trust with my very life whether it is when climbing a via ferrata, abseiling down waterfalls or sliding down a mountain of slippery rocks; I never had to question whether or not they have my back. And you know what, when you know someone has your back, you feel like you can do anything. And I did do many things I never thought I could do!

My favorite experience, however, was , much more simple. It was my last day in Oman. It was a hard day as I had to say very difficult "see you laters" to some dear friends! I was dragging my suitcase through the Muscat Airport as slowly as possible to stall time, not wanting to admit that I only had few hours left in Oman.

I heard a familiar voice behind me "Lily" It was our friend Saif, a friend we met once during a hike to Jabal Shams. Saif drove all the way to the airport last minute just because he did not get to say goodbye, even though we (the group) has seen each other earlier in the group. He could have texted good bye, called or maybe even sent a card, but he choose to drive all the way there and somehow find us in the crowded airport. That is it, I thought. That is the mark of a good person.

You see the amazing part is, Saif is not the only one. They are all that way! How is that for an Arab stereotype? They are all so strangely kind, and some of the few good people left on planet earth. If you have an Arab friend, you are quite blessed!

#Oman #Hiking #Abseiling #VF #ViaFerrata #waterfalls #culture #stereotypes

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