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Sunset gatherings around a bonfire is one of the activities I enjoys most. Chilling, telling stories, playing games, and cooking our own food. The smell might attract hungry animals in the wilderness. Especially, the Arabian wildfox (Vulpes arabica) .

This fox is a solitary animal with well defined home ranges, across the smooth Sand dunes. They are most active at night. It has brownish pale red in color. Its ears are much larger than the European red fox , and its body is much smaller , weighing an average of 2.7–4.5 kg (6–10 lbs)

But as a creature that faces extinction, the Arabian fox became more resourceful. Some foxes dared to live close to urban areas and vegetation where they can find so many rats or mice.

I get lucky sometimes, when i leave my leftover food not far and I can watch it approaching.

This one in the picture has 3 cubs. After she checked the place and how safe it is she brought them to share the food. Foxes seem to have very negative publicity, you know the old saying “ cunning as a fox” .. However, you should have seen how those folks got kicked out of their meal by a crazy aggressive cat!

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