A Man of the Desert

You go out and you expect just to pass time with some random friends. Try to seize the moment and create happy memories.

As the saying goes: “Memories stay and people go.” But then you meet someone special.

I met Ali three years ago on one of our off-roading trips in Qatar. This Saudi man with his traditional thob and ghotrah, who travels for husbands of kilometers weekly just to be with his friends. His presence makes everyone happy. He adds flavor and taste for every gathering.

One of the unforgettable events I remember is when he host a beach cleaning in Zekreet natural reserve. I was amazed that time by just thinking of him travelling all the way from KSA to clean a beach in another country.

That day he established a great concept in everybody's’ soul about the environmental safety and saving the planet. Moreover, we appreciate the creative games & competitions that he organised for us that day, He brought us the best childhood memories.And after all that, we spent another amazing evening in his company telling stories, sharing food & drinks, playing games, taking pictures and dancing.

In fact he is one of the best friends anyone can ever dream to have. Definitely one who gives the memories more value than just the fun time we pass. God bless you and your family my friend.

#beachcleaning #enviornment #teamwork #offroading

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