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That's a basic. Whether you are interested in learning how to live in the desert or you just want to have fun there, driving offroads is not to be taken lightly, and we have the best drivers there is to pass you allthe tips and tricks. 

The history of Saudi Arabia is diverse and as old as its rocks. Check where Tourgeyah's carvan is heading this week, or send us to tailor your own trip. 

We can help Photographers and fimmakers to explore the Saudi geographical and cultural mosaic and locate the best locations for their projects. 

The Desert is full of resources. You have to embrace it in order to survive in it. Join our survival camp to learn all the skills you may need for a short trip or an extended getaway. Special camps for young people between 7 to 17 are available too. 

Saudis and exats alike are going cray cray for Sand boarding and Air Gliding, Join the Sqaud!

There are hiden gems under the Saudi soik as much as there are under its sun. Join Tourgeyah's adventurous Squad to explore the mountains, the sinkholes, the caves and the sea. 

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