Frequently asked questions

Why Turgeyah ?

Our notions are:

- to share an enriching experience
- to understand the Differences
- to interact with the nature
- to identify new perspectives.

A trip with Turgeyah is more than just a mean of transportation, a place to see, and some time to pass. We are after the experiences, the new perspectives, the communication between us and the interaction with our surroundings. The fast pace of our daily life and the advanced technologies, complicated our reality, misted our perceptions and left us little time to explore and to investigate. If you have seen places, be sure with us you will experience them from a different perspective. If they are new to you, we can help you explore them your own way and introduce you in the same time to the life of the natives. We have what we can share with you, but we are also looking forward to what we can learn from you. Our evolution as humans is through such interaction. That’s how we expand our horizons and that’s how we develop into higher beings with empathy and wisdom.

How can you contribute to the blog ?

We would love to publish your travel experiences in the GCC, on our blog. Please send your story to and allow us to review it and edit it if need it, and then we will send you a confirmation to publish, with a version of the edited story for your approval. Please, attach to the story any photos and videos with high quality if possible. Visual material helps readers to interact and to capture the right images of your scene in their minds. Your story could be how you felt about your trip. It can relate an incident that you encountered, or it can talk about the people you met and the nature that you have seen. This section is not meant to publish promotional material about the life in the GCC. It is about you and your experiences, pure and simple.

How much are the costs of the trips?

The prices varies according to destination. It is determined according to distance, activities, length of time, number of people in the group and any special requests you might have. Our profit margin is within 25 per cent.
We have fixed packages, such as Star Dunes, Edge of the World, and Kashtah in KSA. In Oman, there is Musandam, Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar and Jabal Shams. Those packages range from 200 to 350 Saudi riyals. Again, this is determined according to the activities and length of the trip and whether we camp or not.
We also accommodate special requests for food and non-alcoholic drinks. We also rent camping equipments and the gear needed for some special activities like abseiling, upon request. with small fee
Please note that the price ranges mentioned above do not include hotels. We camp in the wilderness. We can help you with hotel reservations upon request for additional fees.

Do we take special group requests ?

Usually our trips gather random guests from different background and age groups. But if you are a family that is looking for more privacy, a group of friends, students or work colleagues, we would love to get the chance to host you and to know you all!
We would love to learn from you and to witness such valuable bonds that unite humanity.
To ensure your safety and to guarantee suitable conditions for your special trip, please write us your vision, what you are looking for in this trip, how many people are confirmed to join, the ages of the group members, why you chose the destination, if you are open for further suggestions, the length of the time you can spend on the trip, and your budget. Looking forward !

How safe is an overnight camp in the desert ?

In KSA, Qatar and UAE there are no dangerous animals. There are wolves and foxes but they are not dangerous and restricted to certain known areas. As for poisonous reptiles and arachnids, like snakes and scorpions. Nomads have their own set of precautions and their ways of detecting the safety of the wilderness. There are also new technologies to inspect wild territories. Our tour guides are experienced. They know their places they visit like the palms of their hands, they its habitat and can spot danger easily. They understand the safety precautions. They are well trusted to know how to deal with threat if ever encountered. And are trained on first aid. An experience that they will work on transferring to you during the trip as well. Atop of that, emergency squads in the GCC countries are advanced, well trained and equipped with helicopters and up to date mobile unites.

Do you provide fixers and special trips to photographers and video makers ?

We know our territories and we would love to help you explore, choose a location, and brainstorm with you on the cultural aspects of your ideas. We cannot help you with equipments, but we can suggest some production contacts, if needed. Please send us your detailed requests and questions at with the subject line “Photographer” or “ Film Maker.”

Are you restricted to the destinations mentioned on the website ?

We are not limited to the destinations mentioned on our website as long as they are within the GCC. The destinations mentioned on our website, mostly would fit into a weekend trip. You can choose to stay longer of course if you wish.
We are increasing the number of destinations with time. And we are available to receive any suggestions of new destinations we would like to visit. Just write us on with the subject line “New Destination” and let’s work together on making your trip come true!

When will you activate your trips in other GCC countries?

While we don’t have fixed packages or advertised tours on our website yet, we are partnering up with other tour operators and guides in the surrounding GCC countries. So we can accommodate any requests you have, and we would love to explore with you. Please send your detailed request to and don't forget to write the name of the destination you would like to visit in the subject line. Also subscribe to our mailing list. This way you can make sure you are following our new destinations as well as our partners. Subscribe to get Updates!

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